How TheSchoolApp is Helping Schools

Currently schools have a multitude of system for communicating and passing information to students and parents. This is costly, time consuming and has inefficiencies in delivering their message to parents and students. TheSchoolApp addresses these issues by delivering a single portal of information and cost efficiencies. The App addresses the following educational needs:

Improved communication with parents and students by its functionality and features
Easier and more effective communication between all educational partners. Parents, Students, Teachers, Board of Management etc
Reducing communication costs for schools in the form of texts, paper, admin. Schools have the option to go paperless
Aiding schools for inspections where all educational partners have up to date information on school curriculum, school policies, school facilities, national educational strategies etc
This will benefit schools in helping to redirect funds saved into other areas of the school and community
Parents will have a greater involvement in school activities by having instant access to events and school information

Based on our research an average size school has the ability to save in the region of $9,000 to $14,000 per annum.

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